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You’re about to learn how to save thousands of dollars on groceries without extreme couponing.  Most people pay the equivalent of a mortgage payment for groceries. This expense can be reduced significantly with the tips in this post.

I am a big fan of eating natural and organic products. I remember when our family made the switch it was disheartening to see how expensive it was to eat organic groceries. I knew there had to be a way to save money and I am about to share with you what I learned.



The best possible way to save it buy in bulk when groceries are on sale. A good price point is when it’s 50% off or more buy 3-6 months’ worth. That might sound like a bit much but let me explain. 

I purchased organic pasta sauce that was on sale for $0.99 a jar. The regular price was $3.00, I purchased 20 jars paying $19.80, saving $40.00 on just one product! 

If I would’ve just purchased them at regular price, I would’ve paid $60.00! Imagine how much money you saved it you did this with all the groceries you purchased. 


I remember the first time I tried using a menu I was shocked how much I saved. I didn’t use coupons, shop sales, or anything just using a menu I saved $200 a month. Most of us are guilty of going to the grocery store any putting more things in the cart than we need. When you create a menu and stick to what’s on there, it’s an effortless way to save money. 


Be selective in the grocery store you shop at. My absolute favorite place to shop is at Aldi. Compared to competitors the average shopper saves 50% without coupons! They have a great organic variety to select from. Pick a store that has weekly sales to maximize your savings. 


This is another one of my favorite shopping hacks. I have saved thousands every year with this one shopping hack. When items go on clearance stock up on them. Every week there is new clearance items so it’s easy to stock up quickly on items.

I was able to get organic spaghetti noodles for just $0.42 a box. The regular price was $1.99! If you happen to have a coupon many times the store will let you use it on a clearance item (verify with policy). 

I also scored organic cheese sticks for $0.99, regular price was $3.29. I got enough to last my family a year and saved over $300! I took them home and put them in the freezer. When you shop this way you eliminate that expense from your budget.


Freezer meals are a big time and money saver. This can help eliminate the temptation to eat at restaurants frequently. If you already have a yummy meal prepared. When you have meals already prepared it’ll also be less tempting to go to the grocery store frequently and avoid overspending and buying things you don’t need.


Let’s be honest people are typically not too crazy about change. Changing the way you shop can be difficult so I highly recommend giving yourself an incentive. 

If you typically spend $600 a month on groceries but save $300 by using these methods take that money and save it. Transfer that money to your savings account for a vacation, money on a car, get out of debt, or any other goal. If you give yourself something to work towards it’ll be easier to change the way you shop. 


Creating a grocery list sounds so simple but it’s extremely effective in saving a lot of money on groceries.

The best way to optimize your savings is to create a grocery list based on what you already have in stock and what’s currently on sale at the grocery store. Then stick to your list, no exceptions!

Save your receipts to keep you motivated by your results. People tend to spend 25%-50% more on groceries when they don’t create a grocery list. I tested this one month and we ended up spending $300 more than usual!


They go by a few different names salvage, bent and dent, discount outlet, sometimes the Amish run salvage stores as well. Most items at my local discount store are anywhere from $0.50 to just $1.00.

They work with grocery stores and buy pallets of groceries, cleaners, personal hygiene products, meat, pet food, over-the-counter medicine and many other random items.  These items can be damaged such as a dented cereal box but who cares if the box isn’t pretty right!? 

Some items may be expired, but most times when I shop they still have about 6 months left! Grocery products have a best by, use by, sell by dates on them they mean different things. Best by is strictly means quality and flavor NOT safety.

I remember the first time I shopped at a salvage groceries I realized I have over $400 in organic in groceries my cart that only rang up $80!


Create a budget and stick to it. When you have a budget your setting yourself up for success to reach your financial goals. I actually recommend having a budget for everything. By doing this one thing you’re going to keep more money in your wallet. It reduces overspending, impulsive buying, and helps you practice discipline.


Price matching is when you match the price of a competitor store from the sales ad. If your store participates in price  matching you can get all the local deals at one store!

If you happen to have a coupon you can use them PLUS price match an item (verify with store policy). Bring your ad with you or have it ready on your phone. Print a copy of the price match policy and bring it with you.

When you approach the register tell the cashier which items are on sale at the competitor store. They will verify with the ad and adjust the price of the item. So easy right!?


When you’re creating your list and menu ALWAYS factor in what you already have in your pantry and freezer. This will maximize your savings and reduce spending on items you don’t need. 


There is an app that is extremely easy to use and gives you cash back on everyday purchases, it’s called Ibotta. It’s customers have earned over $350,000,000 in cash back! They give you $10 just for signing up. 

The more you use it the more bonus’ you unlock to earn EXTRA money. You can link it to your PayPal to cash out or buy gift cards. It’s not limited to just grocery purchases though, you can earn cash on travel, retailers, pet supplies, and hotels. 

They also have a teamwork feature on Ibotta. You invite your friends to join and you earn extra cash for completing different levels together. I earned $50 in one month effortlessly just through the teamwork feature!

Ibotta secret: You can price match an item, use a coupon, and still get money back with Ibotta! Seriously, I got something for free with a coupon and got cash back from Ibotta


When produce items are in season stock up on them. When produce is in season that’s when the prices are the lowest. You can make the deal last all year by buying items in bulk and freezing your produce. You can also do this with dairy items. 

#14 SAVE 50%-75% ON MEAT

The technique is SO simple anyone can do it. It does not require any coupons. I save 50%-75% off the original price every week and my freezer stays packed full! You can do this no matter what state you live in and at almost any grocery store! 

Every time they mark down the organic meat because the expiration or freeze by date is coming up I buy it all. If there are 12 packs of beef, I’m getting all 12 packs. Why might you ask? I have two reasons. The beef that is normally $5.99 lb is marked down to $1.99 lb which is an amazing deal. 

Do I feel bad about wiping them out? Absolutely not! I had a manager thank me for buying everything. She said “If you didn’t come and buy this we’re forced to just throw it away I’m glad your family will use it.” I take it home and put it in the freezer. Depending what it is it’ll last six months to a year.


I frequently get asked how I’m able to feed my family organic groceries for so cheap. This system will walk you through each step that helped us save thousands of dollars on groceries every year. 

This system will help you stay on track to reach your financial goals. This has over 130 pages to help you strategize your savings potential! 

You will get all the products below to organize your saving strategy to maximize your savings. Use your saving to get out of debt, put cash down on a car, or building a savings! Implement these methods today to start saving.

Click here to check it out.

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