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I have been married to the man of my DREAMS for nine years. He is my everything, my very heartbeat. I tell him often, “You’re the best part of my day.”  I remember as newly weds another couple said, “Enjoy it while it lasts, you won’t be like this forever. The excitement and romance fades.”

I thought to myself I don’t see a reason why it has to. I made a promise to myself not to let that happen to my marriage that day. I’m happy to say that 9 years later we’re more in love, best friends attached at the hip, and just crazy about each other. 

My husband admits he can’t wait to come home from work everyday because he knows I’m going to tackle him with a big hug and kiss. He loves seeing how excited I am to see him everyday. There is no short of affection in our home. 

One of my favorite things about our relationship is we have fun and laugh nearly everyday. It’s so natural for our relationship. It’s anything from having water fights in our home to pulling pranks on each other. It’s not out of the ordinary to confess embarrassing moments just to make each other laugh.

My husband is incredibly sweet. One time he sold some of his things just so he could take me to the beach for my birthday. We love to surprise each other with gifts or fun things to do.

I surprised my husband by taking him out of state for his birthday.  I took him to a huge video game arcade and he loved it. To this day he says it’s one of his favorite memories. He’s still never been on a roller coaster ride, it’s on our bucket list!

Don’t get me wrong we had our fair share of trials but we overcame all of them together. 

I had to learn what it was like to live without my husband for a year and it taught me so much. He deployed overseas right after I had our first child. It was the hardest year of my life.

I remember looking across the kitchen table on our anniversary to an empty chair and just started crying. I remember the day he came home, I had butterflies it felt as exciting as the day I married him.

I searched for him in a sea of soldiers. He spotted me first and ran to me. He grabbed me and just held me for a solid five minutes without speaking. Words weren’t needed, it was evident we had a hole in our hearts and it was just filled at the reunion. My eyes are tearing up now just thinking about it. 

I made myself a second promise after that experience. I promised not to ever take my husband for granted. My marriage is a precious gift. It would be such a blessing for me for my kids to one day say “I hope to have what you and dad have.”

I remember laughing with my husband as he told me they teased him at work calling him, “Smiling bob.” They asked him why he was so happy everyday. His response was, “I have a good wife.” Seriously can you tell why I have it bad for this man!? 

I was asked on numerous occasions over the years how we were able to stay in love. There were a few contributors to our success.  I decided to take it to the next level and create a course to teach other couples how to reconnect, fall in love again, and become best friends. 

I am so excited about this I decided to offer it completely FREE! I want so badly for every couple to have the same happiness, peace, and lasting romance in their marriage that we have. 

In this five day course you can expect to shift the atmosphere into something very sweet. You’ll have daily assignments that are designed to reignite romance in your home. One of our readers said she loved the course so much she intends to take it every month!  If you’re newly weds or been married for a long time this course is for you! Sign up today here.

If you’re struggling in your marriage or just want to make things even better the course is designed to help you. You’re spouse is likely to wonder what’s gotten into you, in a good way! 😉 My hope is that your marriage can be a transformation that is a pillar of hope for other couples to know what is possible. 

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