Have you ever had a God moment where you were completely just blown away? I did.I get overwhelmed in a good way when I think about this story.

My husband is my everything and the best part of my day. 

My husband loves to hunt. A dear friend of ours let him hunt on his land. He has to get up before sunrise to leave. He came and kissed me goodbye I was groggy and mumbled “I love you.” 

He headed out for his 40 minute drive to go hunting. I fell back asleep almost instantly. I woke up from a dead sleep and heard God tell me, “Pray he doesn’t step on a snake.” I prayed for him and fell back asleep. 

Normally that would’ve tipped me over, I would’ve been crazy worried about him. The weird thing was I wasn’t scared. When I finally woke up, I noticed he forgot his cell phone on the kitchen table. I didn’t think anything of it.

He came home around lunch time that day. I didn’t tell him about my prayer. He said, “You’ll never believe what almost happened today. I was in the woods and I almost stepped on a baby cotton mouth snake.”

I stepped on a stick, the noise made its head turn at the last second which made me realize it was there. I’m glad I didn’t step on it! I forgot my cell phone here, and I was far away from my truck.” 

If you don’t know anything about poisonous snakes, the baby snakes are worse. They don’t regulate the venom they release. He didn’t have his cell phone to call 911 and he likely wouldn’t have made it to his vehicle because of how far it was from him.

I was completely submerged in gratitude. It took all my energy to keep me from squalling like a baby. I hugged him. This made me appreciate my husband on a whole other level. I realized tragedy could have been introduced to my life that day. I listened to God’s instruction, and the reward was extraordinary. 

 I understood God was teaching me to trust him for protection for the people I love. He was teaching me the power and authority he invested in me could abruptly stop the enemy. I hope and pray this inspires you to trust God at a new level. 

I don’t have all the answers for why certain things happen. I do know that God’s people do not always use the tools he’s given them, maybe simply because they weren’t taught. I know I wasn’t.

Know this you’re powerful, you a son and a daughter. You have all of heaven is backing you up. Pray big prayers and never settle for less than what Jesus paid for.

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