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This is a true story about a waitress we will call “Samantha”. She loved being a waitress, she enjoyed meet people and talking with them. On this night things were slowing down at the restaurant. Then there was a noise at the door, with a stampede of feet.

A massive table of rowdy teenage boys. The staff bickered who would take the table that no one wanted. She had to take a table that none of the other waiters wanted. She looked at the table of silly teenagers laughed and shook her head.

But Samantha knew she could have fun and was up for the challenge. She introduced herself and wrote their orders down. They talked over each other, went back and forth about what to order, and goofed around.

They ordered ridiculous amounts of food and stuffed themselves silly. Besides being loud they weren’t all that bad. They debated with one another which dessert would be the best one to order.

After she patiently served them everything she collected the plates. One boy pulled her aside with whip cream intentionally smeared on his face.  He asked her, “Hey, could you help me get this off.” He then gave her a cheesy charming smile and winked.

She smiled sweetly and said, “Oh sure!” and walked away. She noticed one boy the boys nudged him in the shoulder and smirked.

The other boys were watching intently, curious how the situation would unfold. It was almost if they boys were taking bets.

When she returned to the table, she put something in his hand. He looked down to find a baby bib. Then the entire restaurant roared with teenage boys laughing…well except one boy with a dirty face.

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