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Here is the true story of how one family got rid of unwanted visitors. We will call this couple Andy and Shelly.

Andy and Shelly had moved to a new home in a different state. After settling in they brought a homemade pie to the neighbors and introduce themselves. We will call the neighbors Tim and Jessica.

That night around dinner time Andy and Shelly had Tim and Jessica come over for a visit. The family was friendly and offered to have them over for dinner. The strangest thing kept happening. Every single night right before dinner Tim and Jessica would arrive to visit. Andy and Shelly were kind people, so they tried to accommodate their neighbors but they continued to invite themselves over.

Andy and Shelly knew getting upset wouldn’t fix anything. They came up with an absolute epic plan to get rid of the problem. 

One night after Tim and Jessica once again helped themselves over for dinner they executed their plan. As the family cleaned up after the meal they put all the dirty dishes on the floor. 

Tim and Jessica looked at each other with confusion. They heard a shuffle and then came two excited dogs into the kitchen. The dogs licked every inch of those dishes clean.

Andy and Shelly then took them straight off the floor and put them into the cupboard. They had to hold in explosive laughter from the look or horror on Tim & Jessica’s face.

Andy and Shelly explained how dog have spotless mouths and even healing properties in their saliva. I’m sure it was one amazing dog drool benefits live infomercial. Tim and Jessica helped themselves out that evening.

Andy and Shelly laughed as they took the dishes out of the cupboard and washed them. The plan worked, Tim and Jessica never took advantage of their hospitality again.

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