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There was a decision my husband, and I made when we first married that saved us over $10,000.  That is some serious cash. There were two main reasons we made this decision. It was for the finical benefit and for the benefit of our relationship.

Many folks thought we were strange for this lifestyle choice but I can confidently tell you I wouldn’t change a thing. I would actually advocate this one tip to any family. Here it is, we’ve never had cable.

Say what!? Yep, and I’ve never missed it. I had cable TV growing up, and I enjoyed it but you know what? I enjoyed time with my family more. If I had to choose id pick a family game night vs watching TV at home hands down every time.

I taught classes that showed people how to get out of debt and use coupons. (click here to learn how we saved $20,000 a year.) I taught several areas where you could cut cost in your budget and cable TV was one of them.

One woman spoke to me and said she would love to have her cable cut off but her husband would in all seriousness divorce her. I couldn’t imagine someone abandons their family over a TV program, this is an ultimate low. It gets worse though she wasn’t the only one. Many women confided that their husband would pick TV over them.

There was another lady who had a supportive husband that agreed to try going without cable TV. We crossed paths a few weeks later, and she said “I want to thank you, you’ve helped me become a better mother.” I looked at her with confusion. She went on to say, “I cut the cable and I spend more time with my kids. There is more joy in our home. We spend more time together as a family and I love it.” What a simple decision that made a big impact!

The average cable bill is $100+ a month over the course of my marriage we’ve saved over $10,000 from choosing not to have cable TV. My family time is so precious I want to spend the time I get with my husband and kids wisely. The average family spends anywhere from 4 to 6 hours a day watching TV. Yikes! By the end of your life that could easily add up to over a decade!

Another reason we opted to not have cable was because of the content. The content they put out there is far from family friendly. I remember being in a waiting room and glanced up at the TV. There was a naked man covering his privates for a commercial, um gross.

I began to wonder if there was a service that would cut scenes like the weird naked guy. I’m happy to say there is.

One service I just LOVE is VidAngel. You can opt out all profanity, nudity, and violence from movies and TV shows. You can literally change the movie to your liking. It connects to your Netflix, Amazon Fire Stick, & HBO account. The price is very affordable just $7.99 a month but your first month is free.

There are other options as well. There is the Ruko stick which organizes your paid subscriptions and offers several free channels.One of my personal favorites is the HDTV antenna that gives me free local channels. It has up to a 75 mile radius and there are never any fees.

It’s not that we don’t watch any TV at all because we do. On Saturdays, we like to check out Redbox occasionally and watch the latest family hit movie.  We enjoy an occasional movie night from Netflix as well for family nights. Moderation is the key!

This has worked for my family, it’s made our time together rich. If you decide to give this a try leave a comment and let me know how it goes. We would love to hear what kinds of activities your family does together instead!

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