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I attended a church conference where Generals of the Faith would be ministering. That meant there was a long waiting time to get a seat, 3 hours to be exact. I am the person who can’t wait for the microwave to finish in 60 seconds, HA! Lucky for me I had friends there with me.

A girl named Tracey was sitting next to me. She was a new Christian. She used to be Buddhist and shared her story with me. She complained of pain from a Thyroid condition. I had a light bulb go off, HA! This would be a great time to pray for people who needed healing. 

I offered to pray for her and she asked me, “How long does it take to get healed?” I responded, “Hmm..I don’t know maybe 60 seconds.”
We prayed, and all her pain left. She had a look of awe on her face, she asked a lot of questions. I asked her if she wanted to learn how to pray for healing. She said, “How long will it take?” I said, “I don’t know maybe 60 seconds”. I prayed a prayer of impartation over her. My friends looked for someone Tracey could pray for.

They found a man who had chronic severe knee pain for four years from a car accident. I told her to put her hands on his knees and just say, “Pain go in Jesus Name.”

The first time she prayed, his pain dropped, but it wasn’t gone. He went to get up, I smiled at him and said, “Jesus paid for the whole thing. Sit down.”

Tracey prayed one more time. This time he stood up with tears coming down his cheeks. He walked away with his hands in the air, thanking Jesus. All his pain was gone! He didn’t even speak to us, he was submerged in gratitude as he walked away.

Tracey sat there with her mouth wide open in disbelief of how effortlessly he was just healed. She cried with joy. It was a precious sight. After that, people just flocked to us for prayer. 

Tracey went and found her friend from China and asked if I could teach her too. I smiled and said, “Of course!” This was getting exciting!

I prayed for her friend and the very next person she prayed for was healed and several others afterwards. People were inspired by what was happening and they joined us to pray and minister. Our faith was contagious and miracles were causing God to become real to people.

As people flocked to us for healing we saw everything including back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, heart burn, and headaches healed. After someone was healed, there would be a big cheer that would explode from our group, which then attracted more people to get prayed for.

I remember one woman just sat on the floor and watched me. I invited her to join us and she declined. She said, “You’re teaching me by letting me watch you. I’ve already learned so much.”

One woman had a degenerative issue in her back that made her lose a half inch in height. As we prayed, she literally felt her torso stretch and grow. 

This made 3 hours go by in what felt like minutes. There were so many healings that happened that day. This has become a passion for me, teaching other believers to walk in miracles. 

My favorite thing is to watch a believer pray who has never seen a miracle happen through them. The look on their face is so precious. It says, “this is real, it changes everything.” This is what I live for, to show people how simple is it to pray for the sick. If you’d like to learn more about how to pray for people send me an e-mail or click here to the invite me page

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