This is one of my favorite ways to share stories of miracles with visitors. It’s called a mana jar. I went to a church service where someone shared this concept. You don’t have to bring up your faith the other person will invite the conversation. It works because whoever is in your home will ask you what your mana jar is. BOOM there is your open door!

Think of all the times God did something in your life. Think of all the cool stories, miracles, healings, answered prayer, even from other generations in your family line. You take objects that represent or remind you of that story and put it in your jar. Place it somewhere for a centerpiece or in another obvious place. We put ours in our living room. 

In my jar I have a DVD cover of the movie spider man. It represents a time when God warned me. Someone was in a life or death situation and I immediately went to them. They said I was their “hero”, although I don’t take credit I listened to what I was told. You can read more about that story here

The curiosity of the various strange items will drive people to ask what they mean. This is a gift you can pass down to your children because they will grow up to hearing these stories. They can then add their own testimonies to it as they get older. This is a valuable gift you could pass down. Do you have any creative ideas to share your faith? Let us know in the comments! Get your free mana jar label here

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