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This is one of my favorite ways to save money on organic groceries.

We used to eat “regular” groceries by that I mean not organic.

It wasn’t until a friend recommend watching a documentary about the food industry that made us want to change what we eat. I mean like we were so repulsed after the documentary we went through our cupboards immediately gave away most of our food the same day.

When shopping for organic groceries I think I sucked all the oxygen out of the room when I saw the prices. I thought to myself I learned how to do extreme couponing, I’m sure I can learn how to save with organic groceries. I was determined to make it work!

I sought out ways to save on groceries and now I’m able to feed my family of 5 organically for just $400 a month!

In our little town it’s a secret but I’m letting people know how they can save hundreds of dollars on groceries from this one easy step. This strategy to save on your groceries may not be for everyone and that’s okay.

They go by a few different names salvage, bent and dent, discount outlet, sometimes the Amish run salvage stores as well. Most items at my local discount store are anywhere from $0.50 to just $1.00.

Actually I was able to score even better deals if I purchased items in bulk they’d offer me an even better price. For example they had dehydrated fruit retail price was $3.00 a bag they had them for $0.50 I bought boxes of them and got them for just $0.30 each! That’s 90% savings!

Depending on your store some even accept SNAP benefits or coupons! So what are they and why is it so cheap?

They work with grocery stores and buy pallets of groceries, cleaners, personal hygiene products, pet food, over-the-counter medicine and many other random items.  These items can be damaged such as a dented cereal box but who cares if the box isn’t pretty right!? 

These items can also be overstocked items, store closeout, seasonal items, or food near or past expiration date. You might be thinking um GROSS I’m not eating expired food! I thought the same thing until I did some research hang in there with me.

When I discovered my discount store, I wondered how they could legally sell expired food. I thought selling expired food was a safety hazard. Turns out it’s not a safety hazard for most food items (except for baby formula).

Grocery products have a best by, use by, sell by dates on them they mean different things. Best by is strictly means quality and flavor NOT safety.

When I purchased expired noodles, coffee, or canned goods I couldn’t tell a difference….like at all and I’m a picky eater.

Sell by means how long the store can display the product for sale, but not a question of safety. It’s letting you know up until that date you’ll have the freshest taste or best quality but the food is still edible.

“Use by” date is like the other two mentioned it’s best quality provided by the manufacture, safety is not the concern (formula excluded, don’t buy expired formula). You can read in more detail here in the USDA website about food dating here.

I remember the first time I shopped at a salvage groceries I realized I have over $400 (retail price) in groceries my cart when it only rang up $80. I did a happy dance and squealed, I was so  excited!

I didn’t have to clip a single coupon and many of the items weren’t expired they still had about 6 months left. Our store has a fill a bag deal for snacks and candy. I’m able to get about $60 in items for just $5. This is a fantastic way to save on your groceries you can find a local store in your area. Try a Google search or visit this directory.

Here are guidelines to make sure you get the best deal and quality food. It’s okay to buy canned goods with a small dent but avoid majorly dented items.Do not purchase items if they have rust or are leaking.

I have yet to find one in this condition at my store but just a tip. Don’t buy items if the seal is broken if the box is torn but contents are still sealed its fine.

I understand that this may not be for everyone but no worries you can still save hundred on organic groceries check out my article here how I saved $20,000 a year with coupons. You may also like the post where I save 50%-75% on meat every week here (it works with regular meat too). It works in every state and almost any grocery store, no coupons required.
Shopping at a salvage store can save you thousands of dollars. When we have to cook for big crowds, this was an inexpensive way to get food. You can stock up on candy for your gift closet. Remember not everything is expired. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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