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I’ve used this method for years now to get printing paper and other office supplies 75%-100% off. My store of choice is staples. I use the easy rebates program. If you follow these simple instructions, you can do it too. Here is how it works.

Here is a scenario:

5 ream case of paper for $32 get $24 Visa card through easy rebates (Limit 4) <– This means you could buy up to four cases for $128 and get a $96 visa gift card!

You have to wait 4-6 weeks to get your rebate which is an extremely simple process. Go to and type in the 17 digit number on your receipt.

Once you get your $24 visa card in the mail it’s redeemable anywhere. If you want free or super cheap supplies resist the urge to use it somewhere else.

Here’s a scenario:

Hammermill Copy Plus 8.5″ x 11″ Copy Paper $8.29 in-store only
Use the In-store coupon
Pay $8.29

Use your $24 Visa Card Pay $8.29

Submit and Get Back $8.28 Easy Rebate (limit 1)
Final Cost 1¢ after rebate!

Your balance on your card will be $15.71 and $8.28 on the second one for a total of $23.99. When you get your $8.28 Visa card rebate you would continue to use it on other rebate promotions.

You just keep using your Visa Rebate cards so you never run out. Use little to no cash after your first transaction! This is an awesome way to get free or near free paper all the time.

This helps me because I print a lot of coupons. Coupons are the only you can legally print money by the way ;). If you’d like to save thousands of dollars (no not a typo) check out my article here.

This strategy is so simple. Seriously why use your money when you can use their rebates? This one method will save you hundreds of dollars every year. It’s been years since I purchased printing paper because of the rebate program. Do you have any tips on saving money on office supplies? Let us know in the comments we’d love to hear about it!

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