Reignited Romance Bundle

Reignite Romance in your marriage.


Instead of romance lasting a season of marriage make it a lifestyle! Sign up for the FREE 5 day course Reignite Romance in your marriage today.  This is for couples who would like to fall in love again, get closer, and keep the spark going. The goal is to keep making investments in your special connection. You and your spouse hold the power to have a marriage that people look and say, “I want what they have.” 

 It includes:

  • Bucket list for couples -create everything you wish to do together in your lifetime
  • Date night at home ideas – If money is tight this list if full of ideas to spark some romance right at home!
  • Love note templates – these templates come with pre-filled and blank love notes to sweeten your spouses day
  • Date night calendar – Make it a priority and keep track of date nights every month
  • Q&A  for couples – this is a fun and you’ll most likely find out something about your spouse you didn’t know before!
  • My desires exercise – is there an unmet desire your spouse has? Find out with this exercise!
  • Coupon booklet – keep the excitement going with fun and flirty coupons
  • I feel the most loved him & her edition – unlock the secrets your spouses heart, find out what makes them feel loved
  • Budget plan for babysitter – a savings plan to budget in the babysitter
  • Our code word – every couple should have one 😉
  • Wallet surprises – These sweet notes are designed to be tucked away in their wallet for a heart warming surprise
  • Honey ‘What Can I Do?’ List – Write down the ways you can do something to help each other
  • Our Project Checklist – Tackle projects together as a couple. These can make great stay at home date nights!
  • Words to Affirm Each Other – A list of sweet and encouraging things you can say in a text, email, or face to face.
  • Dance the night away – Create a playlist of love songs to dance the night away under the stars
  • I Believe in You – This is an activity to encourage one another. You’ll provide reasons why you believe in one another
  • Steps for Romance reignited – a printable reminder of the steps to reignite romance
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Romance Reignited Bundle
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by Rebecca on Romance Reignited Bundle
TONS of ideas!

This bundle has tons of ideas for putting spark into a marriage. I especially love the date night at home ideas for cheap but meaningful date nights!

by Laurie on Romance Reignited Bundle
Romance Reignited Success!

As a super busy mom of two middle schoolers, guess what get left on the backburner? My relationship with my husband. We are often two passing ships in the night, as they say.
The Romance Reignited Bundle gave me a fresh perspective on prioritizing my marriage. I particularly enjoyed the wallet surprises, date night ideas, and Q&A.
If you are feeling a bit burnt from your busy life, take a deep breath and order this bundle. You won't regret the guidance it gives to re-prioritize your relationship.

by Pam Collins on Romance Reignited Bundle

I really enjoyed the 5 day free course that begins this bundle so i couldn't wait to see what it included. I was not disappointed. The bundle includes romance builders for those who have been married a long time to those who are still newlyweds. I think the wallet notes are such a great idea and I can't wait to use them.

by Brianna on Romance Reignited Bundle
Perfect for Re-Sparking Your Marriage After Kids!

The Romance Reignited Bundle did just that- gave me the tools to reignite my marriage! As first time parents, it became so easy to step into the role of “mom” and I forgot that I was still a wife too. My husband and I needed something to jumpstart our marriage and allow us to focus on us. This bundle was just what we needed! I loved the idea of planning out your date nights on a calendar because it made us actually plan monthly date nights and then we were able to look forward to that particular date. I really loved the love notes too because my husband surprised me one morning with notes all over the house and it was the sweetest thing! Bottom line- this product SO worth it and it beautifully designed!

by Amanda on Romance Reignited Bundle
Great Product For a Great Marriage

This is such a wonderful product! You can tell someone who loves and values marriage put a lot of thought and effort into every one of these items! It is sure to ignite your relationship and bring you and your spouse closer together, all while having fun! The wallet surprises, date night ideas, and Q&A were my favorite items, but I loved them all! I totally recommend every married couple buy this and take your relationship to the next level!

by Barb on Romance Reignited Bundle
Bring the Romance Back

This is a great value! I tried the Q & A exercise with my husband and it made for some great laughs and even after 23 years, we learned some things about each other! Highly recommend this product.

by Jem on Romance Reignited Bundle
Regain Your Romance Spark!

I am still going through the romance reignited bundle but from my experiences so far, it is well worth the price. My favorite in the bundle so far are the wallet surprises. I used one after my husband and I had a slight disagreement and his face lit up when he opened his wallet at lunch to pay and saw it. The ideas in this bundle are sweet and simple and will remind each couple why they fell in love with each other.