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I am always interested in replacing store products with a more natural DIY alternative. One thing I experimented with was making my version of poo-pouri. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a before you go (as in #2) spray.

I don’t like store-bought bathrooms sprays. The scent just mixes with bathroom odors instead of eliminating them. Poo-pouri is a great product but the price tag is high. There is a cheaper way to have the same results!

You will need:

Spray bottle

1/3 cup of rubbing alcohol or witch hazel

20 drops of organic orange essential oil

10 drops of lavender essential oil

Pour all ingredients in the bottle, shake it, and you’re done! Use 3-5 sprays each use.

Too easy right? When you’re ready to use it spray it in the toilet before you go. Click here for a free label. If you like this recipe check out our recipe book here of natural cleaners that will save you hundreds of dollars!

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