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How would you save hundreds of dollars every single week? I’ve effectively learned how to coupon and I get items FREE or next to nothing every week. I spend about 5 hours or less each week with couponing and save $20,000 a year.  My husband was deployed when I first learned to use coupons. When I explained to him the deals I was getting he responded, “are you sure you’re not stealing and not telling me?” HA HA, silly husband.

Coupons have been a game changer for me. You have massive potential to help so many people with the items you get free and cheap. The most common phrase I hear is, “I’m not patient there’s no way I could use coupons.” When I share how much money I save, people are suddenly interested in becoming patient.

The first thing you want to do is buy the Sunday paper buy 4-6 copies. Check for coupons before purchasing, unfortunatley sometimes people steal them. The coupon Inserts will be  Proctor & Gamble, SmartSource, & RedPlum. Don’t forget to ask friends family members, coworkers, or church members for coupon inserts.

You’ll want a system to organize your coupons. You’ll need a binder, 100+ base ball card sheets, & index tabs. Being organized cut my shopping time in half, don’t skip this step. Cut your coupons every single week and organize them by category. Keep all your coupons because you’ll never know which one could end up making you money (not a typo).

Get free coupons online. Please note coupons cannot be photocopied, it’s against the law.

Note the printing limit is two coupons per device. Some websites you can print coupons from your phone

This is an example of a money maker. This razor is $3.27 at Walmart, I had a $4.00 coupon from I was paid $0.73 per razor pack! In Walmart’s coupon policy states, “If coupon value exceeds the price of them item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward basket purchase.”

You can get items for free at Dollar Tree. If your coupon is $1.00 off, your item is free just pay tax!

You can also use app coupons. Many of them have manufacture coupons on them. You can also use an app called Ibotta to get cash back on products you buy every week.

One store I like is Dollar General I paid $5.96 for $25.40 in products with only app coupons. 

On Saturday’s only Dollar general has $5/$25 purchase store coupon, this can be used with the digital manufacture coupons on the app. I entered my phone number & the coupons come off automatically!

Another great way to get free coupons is to email the manufacture directly and let them know how much you love their products. They will send you coupons in the mail.

My family jokes I have a coupon for everything. You can find coupons for just about anything if you look. If we try a new restaurant, the first thing I do is look online for a newsletter promotion or an app. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten free or discounted meals this way. Here is a screenshot of a free sandwich I got for just downloading the app.

I also use a local coupon book similar to the Entertainment coupon books to get discounts for restaurants. It has several buy one meal get one free coupons. We have saved hundreds of dollars with this. It paid for itself the first time we used it. 

I even got coupons for free car maintenance items such as oil, brake pads, and windshield wipers. In this photo I got everything for about $7.00 during back to school sales. When back to school sales begin this is the time to get supplies for the whole year. They will be at rock bottom prices. Even if you don’t have children, this is a great time to stock up on office supplies.

I recommend using In Collin’s free site she does all the hard work for you. She matches the sales at specific stores with the coupons that are currently out, saving you hours of time. 

She also has a coupon database where you can search all the coupons that are currently available. If it’s a printable coupon, there will be a link that takes you right to the site which is awesome!

Okay here it is, the BIGGEST secret to couponing. You always match a coupon with a sale.

The number one complaint I hear is coupons don’t make a difference. If it’s just $0.50 off, and it’s a $5 item that’s nothing to get excited about. BUT if you wait till it’s on sale and then move it with your coupons you could end up paying just $1 for that same item!

Here the Nivea is full price at $6.49 each. The coupon is $4.00/2. The total before the coupon is $12.98, minus the coupon is $8.98 which is not a good deal.

Timing is everything and sales rotate which is why you can get different items free every single week. The Nivea went on sale for $2.98. There was $4/2 Nivea body products manufacture coupon bringing the grand total to just $0.99 per bottle! That’s a great deal!

There are items you can get for free every single week. If you want to get the most of the sale shop at least once a week (Sunday is the best day, it’s when most of the new sales start). All items in retail go on a sale rotation, some are seasonal.

Find out if your store doubles coupons. If they don’t it’s ok there are so many other ways to save. The good news is does all that for you! You can use a store and manufacture coupon at most retailers, it’s called stacking. Verify if your store allows stacking by checking the coupon policy online.

Use store promotions you earn such as points on other promotions. For example if you earn $10 in rewards for buying razors the following week use those rewards to buy other products that earn you more rewards so you’ll never run out! Why use your money when you can use rewards?

A general rule is if its 50%-100% off it’s a good deal. If the store is out of a product, you can get a rain check.

A word of caution I will share with you the number one mistake coupon newbies make. They get very excited about using coupons and buy everything they have a coupon for. Couponers always wait for items to go on sale then we move it with our coupons to maximize savings.

The second mistake is shoppers are conditioned to buy the biggest size for the best value. To get the best price you want to get the smallest items permitted by the coupon.

The third is being brand loyal. I remember teaching a friend how to coupon but she insisted she would stick to her $12 a bottle shampoo. I snickered and thought we will see how long that last. When she witnessed me getting six bottles for free, she had dollar signs in her eyes! She gave up the overpriced stuff.

The fourth mistake I see people make is when they find a good deal they only buy one or two items. To benefit from your savings you need to stockpile. You will need to stockpile which means buying more than you need. My rule is $0.50 or less is best. If you’re able to get it at that price buy 3-6 months worth. By stockpiling you eliminate that expense from your budget putting more money in your pocket. This is my stockpile when I was a newbie, it took me about three months.

Start off with just one store and bring a friend. It can get overwhelming to learn multiple stores. You’ll have a lot more fun if you bring a friend. It’s easier to learn when there is someone there to help you.

I have been couponing for seven years and man is it fun! It’s saved my family $20,000 a year. The picture above is an example of one week’s haul paying just $38.00 and got back $144 in various store cash or points.

To recap:

  1. Get 4-6 newspapers on Sunday.
  2. Use to find deals at your store of choice, print a shopping list.
  3. Print coupons online.
  4. Download coupon apps like Ibotta & the app for your store.
  5. Organize your binder.
  6. Sign up for reward programs at your store.
  7. Go shopping with a friend and save some serious cash!

The money you save can help you build an emergency fund, get out of debt, or put cash down for a new car. We have used our savings to accomplish all of these goals, you can too! The only thing you’re doing is being more strategic with your shopping. Using all the techniques in this post I have saved my family $20,000 a year with coupons. Get started today and enjoy your savings!

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