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One of my favorite nights of the week is family game night. My husband likes the strategic game, I like the ones where you laugh so hard your side hurts. These are our top list of games we’ve tested and like.

Family games night is important. Our kids look forward to it all week long. They’ll ask ‘how many more days till we play games!?’ If you don’t already have a day set in place I beg you to reconsider.  We set a side one day of the week to play. 

It’s way more memorable for the kids to play a game together with us vs watch TV.  These memories are so precious and cannot be replaced. Children who spend time with their family tend to do better in school and are happier.

We have a rule for family fun night. This is something that is not taken from our children even if they’ve had poor behavior. The reason is I don’t want them to learn that my willingness to spend time with them is conditional. 

They will understand from a young age they can always count on their family even if they mess up. They may get a different privilege taken from them but not family time. I don’t expect every parent to agree with me on this and that’s okay.

Do you need board games for a fun family night? Absolutely not. We have had plenty of fun with couch forts, flashlight tag, and so good old fashion hide and seek. We enjoy a variety and I’m sure your family does too.

Here is our list of affordable games we think are a blast to play:

  1. Quelf(my favorite!)
  2. Cranium
  3. Mad Gab 
  4. Scattergories
  5. Pictionary
  6. Bean Boozled (you’ll want the video recorder for this one!)
  7. Apples to Apples 
  8. Jenga 
  9. Taboo
  10. Pie Face (Kid’s favorite!)


Even if you decide not to get a board game, I hope you set a side time every week for your family just to have fun together. You get one shot at making memories with your child on this day, make the most of it. We do family time for at least one hour every day. Do you have a favorite game that’d you’d like to recommend? Please share in the comments below.

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