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Sounds too good to be true? Not for this chick. This is a little trick I have done for years and its fail proof. It’s literally saved a couple thousand dollars every year with my big family.

Okay so here it is. I buy all my clothes on clearance. Sounds simple but there is a way to track when items go on clearance. For example, at the end of winter they will blow everything out 75-90% off. This is a great way to get winter coats very cheap. I get my kids one or two sizes up from what they wear and tuck the clothes away till next year.

Then when summer comes to an end, I buy summer clothes for everyone 75-90% off and tuck them away. The same concept applies for spring and fall. I recently got a two piece outfit for my son regular price $12.99 marked down to $2.00! To put it in perspective, our local Goodwill sells used shirts for $4.00.

This is called being a strategic shopper and man does it pay off!

I remember going to JCPenny when winter just begun and summer clothing was marked down $1.00-$3.00 per item. When I checked out my receipt said I paid $40 and saved almost $300, happy dance!

Recently I went shopping with my mom and we scored summer tops for $3.00!

One year I really wanted winter boots, but I waited till the end of the season. Regular price $40.00 on clearance for just $3.00.

Seriously thought, why would I pay full price for something when I know in a few weeks it’ll end up way cheaper? Change the way you shop and you’ll change how much stays in your wallet.

Do I like to splurge every now and then? Well sure. Most things are okay in moderation. Shopping this way has left a lot of extra money for fun things like a family road trips.
 Do you have a money saving tip for clothes? Share in the comments below.

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