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I am all about life hacks and making things simple. One area I will not compromise is the food I feed my family. It is so import to me to provide the best quality food for them. I’d love to share with you how I do that on a budget and save hundreds. My favorite store is ALDI!

They have an amazing selection of organic product at a great price! Compared to other stores that specialized in organic groceries the savings for my list is about $400 a savings of 50%!

They accept cash, debit, credit, and EBT. You will want to bring your own grocery bags there is a small fee for each bag ($0.06-$0.10). It’s apart of their strategy to save the company overhead to reduce grocery prices. The average family can save approx. 50% on groceries without coupons!

You’ll also need a quarter to insert to the cart it saves them from having to hire someone to collect carts this also keeps grocery costs down.

Aldi does not accept coupons but you can still save A LOT of money. If saving with coupons does interest you click here to find out how we saved $20,000 a year with coupons and how you can to!

Aldi also has an amazing clearance section I got large bottles of hypoallergenic dish soap for $0.89 regular price was $2.99. I got a jar of organic pasta sauce originally $2.99 marked down to $0.99! Most items are marked down 50-80% off this is also how I get seasonal organic groceries at awesome prices.

Aldi also offers affordable organic meat products. I have a strategy that saves us 50%-75% on organic meat every week read more here how you can too. If organic meat is not in your budget there is a better alternative. They offer a brand called “NEVER ANY!” In the “NEVER ANY!” the chickens are raised with no antibiotics, no animal by products, 100% vegetarian diet, no added hormones, no added steroids, and no added salt.

I remember when I first started buying organic products there was a limited variety. Since then the organic market has taken off and more options are available. I have designed a meal plan with just Aldi organic ingredients. I created a fully organic menu for free here.

Here is a list of organic groceries prices may vary on your location: 

  • Organic white cheddar puffs $1.99
  • Organic tortilla Shells $1.99
  • Organic marinara sauce $1.79 
  • Organic spaghetti noodles $1.09
  • Organic SimplyNature Deluxe Macaroni  shells & sauce $2.49
  • Organic Macaroni & cheese $1.15
  • Organic rice $2.99
  • Organic Quinoa $3.49
  • Organic Chicken broth $1.89
  • Organic Beef broth $1.89
  • Organic diced tomatoes $1.49
  • Organic kidney beans $0.89
  • Organic pinto beans $0.89
  • Organic Tomato soup $1.99
  • Organic sugar $2.99
  • Organic apple cider vinegar $1.79
  • Organic olive oil $3.99
  • Organic Coconut oil $3.99
  • Organic Salad dressing $1.99
  • Organic Spices (Garlic, cinnamon, cayenne, Italian, cumin) $1.99
  • Organic Oats and flax oatmeal $2.29
  • Organic bread $3.79
  • Organic spring lettuce $3.59
  • Organic carrots $1.69
  • Organic cherry tomatoes $1.99
  • Organic apples $4.69
  • Organic bananas $0.44 lb
  • Organic broccoli $2.49
  • Organic Ketchup $1.69
  • Organic peanut butter $2.99
  • Organic strawberry, blueberry, or raspberry jam $2.29
  • Organic blue agave $2.99
  • Organic maple syrup $5.49
  • Organic honey $3.49
  • Organic Salsa $1.89
  • Organic corn chips $1.99 bag
  • Organic hummus $2.29
  • Organic popcorn $1.79
  • Organic cheese crackers $2.69
  • Organic eggs $3.49 (we have chickens this have saved us $80 a month click here to read more)
  • Organic frozen broccoli florets or chopped spinach $1.89
  • Organic 12 pack chocolate milk $9.99
  • Organic shredded cheese $2.99
  • Organic cheese sticks $2.99
  • Organic sliced Colby jack or cheddar cheese $2.99
  • Organic yogurt tubs $2.99
  • Organic little journey yogurt $2.29
  • Organic SimplyNature fruit bars (frozen) Mango, Strawberry, Coconut $3.29
  • Organic apple juice $2.49
  • Organic orange juice $3.79
  • Organic Antioxidant power or 7 super fruits juice $3.89
  • Organic SimplyNature juice box $2.99
  • Organic Barissimo Fair Trade coffee $4.49
  • Organic ground beef $5.99 lb (I pay 50%-75% off that click here to find out how!) 6 packs
  • Organic ground beef patties $6.99 lb (I pay 50%-75% off that click here to find out how!)
  • Organic chicken $5.99 lb (I pay 50%-75% off that click here to find out how!) 6 packs
  • Never Any! Bacon $4.99 (Not technically organic BUT a much better alternative!)
  • Organic pizza $3.99
  • Organic frozen mixed vegetables $1.79
  • Organic frozen strawberries or blueberries $2.89
  • Organic frozen raspberries $2.99
  • Organic whole milk, 2%, 1%, and skim $2.99

Even if the nearest Aldi from you is 45 minutes away it is definitely worth the trip. I have shopped at grocery stores that specialize in all natural or organic products and it cost double the price to shop there. It was very easy to create a full organic menu from the organic products Aldi offers.  Do you have any money saving tips on buying groceries? Share in the comments!

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