Hi I'm Lizzy!

Hey Everyone! Welcome, my name is Lizzy. I want you know I will be your biggest cheerleader. Here at Continually Prospered. I like to focus on the important things in life family, faith, and finances. 
I am a child of God, my faith has taken me to some incredible experiences.I am a normal girl whose just had radical encounters with God witnessing literal miracles.
I was activated to walk in miracles in 2016 and my life have never been the same since! It’s my passion to teach others how to boldly walk in miracles releasing kingdom activity everywhere they go!
 I have learned the science of being frugal, I love empowering people to save ridiculous amounts of money! We have saved over thousands of dollars a year with simple techniques that I’d love to share with you!
Now a little bit about me. I am happily married to the love of my life my husband and he is the best part of my day. We have three amazing children, we were blessed with a child through adoption. Here are ten random facts about me.
1. I absolutely refuse to eat a brownie without ice cream this is down right sinful.
2. Every time I sneeze I get goose bumps like even when its 110 degrees out, weird I know! Should I be consulting my doctor about this or something?
3. I am a sucker for making people laugh and pulling pranks. If I am suspiciously laughing to myself be very afraid.
4. I grew up in the North but have live in the South for over a decade. Seriously I’m convinced I was a southern girl born in a northern girl’s body, I love it here ya’ll.
5. I have a weird habit of not eating the last bite of my meal. Don’t ask we can’t figure it out either.  I almost always offer it to my husband.
6. My husband and I have a funny habit of sharing a glass for every meal. This was birthed from not wanting to wash dishes as newly weds.
7. Hot dogs and I are rivals.  As a kid in elementary school my classmates told me hot dogs were made of cow lips. I refused to eat them from then on.
8. I am a very determined woman. One time my husband protested I should not bring left over salad home from the restaurant. My frugal side was taking over but I put on a good poker face for that soggy salad the next day.
9. I am a good cook, people are often asking for my recipes. My husband won’t let me forget about the ONE TIME I made the charcoal egg rolls. Seriously, if you ever come to my house your guaranteed to hear this story.
10. Okay, now a more serious one. I always wanted a family it was my dream to be a wife and mother. I am so blessed and am overwhelmed with gratitude for the people God gave me. My heart is now full because of them.