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I have a rule for myself when I should pray for anyone who needs healing. If I hear someone say, “Ow” they’re qualified for prayer! While attending a church conference a man grabbed his neck and quietly said “ow” under his breath. I found him after the service.

I looked at my friend Scott and said, “Let’s go pray for this guy!” We knocked on his car window and asked if he needed prayer. He sighed deeply, turned off the car and said, “Yes!”

He had severe neck and back pain. We prayed for him and the pain level was reduced. I’m never content with reduced pain I always want people completely restored.

Scott got a word of knowledge that he may have unforgiveness with himself. He confessed it was true. He admitted that he had a daughter and wasn’t active in her life till recently. He was caught up in living the party life. In recent years he gave his life to Jesus and became the father she needed.

He cried and said, “I can’t forgive myself for hurting her, I should’ve been there.” I see often that Christian’s have a harder time forgiving themselves versus someone else.

In a way it’s like looking Jesus in the eyes while he’s on the cross and saying, “I don’t need what you did I’ll handle this myself.” This hurts God’s heart because your freedom to walk in that forgiveness was purchased so expensively. You were never meant to carry that.

We walked him through a prayer to forgive himself. Scott said, “Hey why don’t you check your neck?” The man said the pain was gone! The interesting thing was he was happier to receive inner healing vs. the physical healing.

We didn’t even pray for healing the second time and he was healed! We didn’t have to figure out how the miracle happened, we just went for it!

People are hurting everywhere you go. You’re meant to be a pillar of hope. You posses the power to shift the atmosphere for miracles. I’ll key you in, you don’t have an allowance for miracles either! If you see someone that needs prayer just step out in faith and go for it.

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