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Have you ever heard of a gift closet? It’s something I’ve done for years and is a lot of fun to do. It has saved me hundreds of dollars every year. Another benefit is it’s a huge timesaver.

The idea is every time you find something that is a great price you buy and stick it in the gift closet.  It can be something on clearance, on sale, or a deal you scored with coupons. When birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or a baby shower comes around you don’t have to scramble for a present. Go to your gift closet and figure out which goodie would be best for the occasion. You’ll have a mini store in your closet without the hassle of going to one!

For example, one year I was able to get board games for just $1 each on sale brand new. I put them in the gift closet. They made excellent Christmas gifts.


I’ve also found brand new items with tags at yard sales and thrift stores. I found a brand new breast pump for $10 that retailed $200, it made an excellent baby shower gift.

I was able to get perfume & make up for free with my fierce couponing skills that made an excellent gift for friends. You can use coupons on clearance items at most retailers! (Click here to read more how I saved $20,000 a year with coupons!)


Shopping for my gift closet is something I do all year. If something is in there for too long, I’ll give it away just because.

Over the course of a year, I’ve saved a few hundred dollars doing this. I save 50-90% off gift items shopping this way.

The best time to get items it at the end of the season. I get my wrapping paper 90% off after in Christmas every year. At the end of summer, the outdoor toys go on clearance. In the fall I get garden supplies & outdoor décor goes on clearance. One year I was about to get beautiful wind chimes on clearance for $5, regular price was $20!
In the spring I got baby clothing set regular price was $12.99 marked down to $2.00! I wait till after Easter to get my kids tuxedos and beautiful dresses 50%-75% off.


In winter items will go on clearance such as wrapping paper, perfume sets, decorations, warm clothes, and christmas cards. I got “Christmas” M&M’s on clearance for $.50, the funny thing was they were regular brown bag M&M’s. At one store I got Christmas card that were $9.99 regular price for $0.90 and stashed them away for next year.

Some ideas for a gift closet could be:

  • Candles
  • Board games
  • Coloring books & supplies
  • Candy
  • Toys on sale or clearance
  • Cologne & Perfume
  • Coffee & coffee mugs
  • DVD’s
  • Jewelry
  • Craft Kits
  • Clothing & accessories
  • Baby products


A gift closet is something super easy you can do no matter where you live. If you do this one technique, you’ll save hundreds of dollars every single year. Virtually every store has a clearance section so the next time your getting clothes or groceries check it out. Share with us what kind of deals you’re able to score in the comments!

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