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I’m all about finding creative ways to save money. I made a list of several of the techniques our family has used to save us thousands of dollars. I get asked often how I save my family so much money. When I tell them they shake their head and say, “Girl, you’re something else.”

I’m always saving money with a specific goal in mind. This will give you an incentive to make adjustments. You can use your savings to get out of debt, go on a vacation, or put cash down on a new car.

I’m about to let you in on some of my secrets! No collecting aluminum cans here I promise! The best part of this list is you can pick just a few of these and still save some serious cash. Are you ready to get started?

  • Switch to an affordable cell phone provider. I use Straight Talk and love it! I have unlimited, talk, text, and data for $45 a month. I am enrolled in automatic payment so I never have to go to the store to buy a card. We have family everywhere when we travel we get good coverage which is awesome!
  • Ibotta gives you cash back for things you’d normally buy. They have so many bonus’ and ways to earn extra money. I earned $50 in one month. I linked it to my PayPal it was easy.
  • Switch to dish towels vs paper towels and save $300 a year!
  • Save on glasses with Zenni Optical. I’ve used them for years and love them! You can get styles for just $6.95 with a prescription! Check them out here. I went to the eye doctor, and they had glasses for $300+ mine were just $14.95 saving me $285!
  • If you wear contacts you can save a lot by using Hubble. Your first box is free, just pay $3 for shipping. You get 60 lenses for just $30!
  • Try using coupons. We saved over $20,000 a year with coupons. Read the full article here. In this photo below I paid just $38 for all the items 
  • Make meals in bulk with a menu. Buy planning our meals instead of buying randomly at the grocery store we saved $200 a month. In our store here is a grocery binder it’s full of several strategies to save you thousands of dollars every year
  • Use a power strip to save energy. Electronics still pull energy even when they’re not being used You can also get an energy saving power strip here.
  • We saved over $10,000 by never having cable. Try more affordable services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. You can also purchase an HDTV antenna get free channels here.
  • Make your own cleaning products. Save hundreds of dollars by making your own safe cleaners. Check out our recipe book that’ll save you hundreds here in our store.
  • Barter your skills/good with friends and family. My friend babysits so we can have date nights and I give her free products.
  • Start a garden. You don’t need a lot of land, you can do container garden like these indoors and outdoors.
  • Have a game night vs. going out. Instead of taking the family to the arcade or anything else that can be costly do a game night at home. You know it’s a good game when you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. Our top list is here.
  • Replace soda with water. You can get great tasting water with filters. This one is the best seller on amazon.
  • Eat vegetarian for one week. 
  • Don’t throw away leftovers! We always have enough for a meal the next day. We even take the free dinner rolls home. I served my family leftover French fries from a restaurant they couldn’t even tell they were amazing! Check out the recipe here.
  • Don’t live above your means. Following a simple budget can not only get you out living pay check to pay check but live comfortable. We’re about to pay off our home in less than five years by following a budget on an average income! We will be releasing a budget system with the exact steps we took to make that happen very soon!
  • Shop at Aldi. I love this store, especially their organic brands. It’s half the cost of other stores without having to use coupons! Read more here.
  • Cancel gym memberships. You can do effective workouts at home or through free YouTube channels.
  • Make coffee at home vs going to coffee shops. The average coffee is about $3 that’s almost $85 a month or over $1000 a year. I got a Keurig for Christmas and I LOVE it!
  • Quit unhealthy habits like if you’re paying $6 for one pack a day and quit you’d have $10,950 in just 5 years. You could pay cash for a car or take your family to Disney land! Not to mention you’d be making a good choice for your health. This product is recommended by 95% of it’s users! (no patches or gum!)
  • Instead of hitting up the mall check out thrift stores. Many times I’ve found items brand new with tags on them!
  • Go on a spending freeze for 14 days.
  • Save on tools by using harbor freight coupons. They always have neat free coupons and 20% off anything. Check out my article what I got for free here.
  • This one is for ladies only. Save money on feminine products by switching to the Diva cup. Eliminate the cost of tampons and pads by switching to this menstrual cup that has awesome reviews here.
  • Save 50-75% off meat every week. Read here how I never pay full price for meat.
  • Check out your local Salvage grocery store. You can read my article here how I paid just $80 for $400 in organic groceries with no coupons.
  • Learn how to make your favorite restaurant dishes at home. This could be a fun date night at home!
  • Be intentional how often you go out to eat. The average person can spend $50 or more per week ongoing out to eat. Save money by packing your favorite lunch. We limit going out to eat to twice a month. Look for coupons for restaurants when you go out. We purchased the fundraiser books with restaurant coupons from local school and LOVE them. Order water vs soda to save money.
  • Buy your favorite frozen pizza vs delivery pizza
  • Take advantage of office supply store promotions like Learn how I get paper insanely cheap ever free all the time here!
  • Start a gift closet to save money. Avoid overpaying for gifts at the last minute. Click here to find out more.
  • Invest in rechargeable batteries. I’ve used these for several years and like them.
  • Make your own personal products. Pinterest is full of ideas or tutorials.
  • Use coupons at dollar tree! If the coupon is for $1.00 off it’s FREE just pay tax.
  • Price match whenever making an expensive purchase. We always do this for big-ticket items like a washer, TV, furniture or anything Before we go to the register I searched online for competitor prices.
  • Instead of going to the theatre hit up Redbox for an inexpensive movie night. You can download the app for free to find out availability of DVD’s and Redbox Rent DVD’s for free at the library.
  • If you need to update your home check out a local habitat for humanity store. I’ve seen incredibly low prices for building supplies, flooring, furniture, paint, lighting, antiques, and many other items.
  • Reduce heat in your home in the summer by using a crock-pot. Not to mention they make for a super easy meal. This one has a unique feature where you can remove it from the warmer and the base doubles as a griddle.
  • Check for super cheap flights on www.spirit.com. My friend scored a round trip ticket for $26!
  • Try the app Doctor on demand for non-life threatening illness. A 15 minute Medical or Pediatric visit is $40 and 25-minute psychologist appointment is $50.
  • Instead of going out for ice cream you can make it at home without any special equipment! It’s mom tested and kid approved!
  • One of my favorite ways to find discounts when shopping online is www.retailmenot.com or you can download the app for free. Just type in the store you’re shopping at to find any coupon codes, it’s so easy.
  • Get cash back at the store vs. using ATM. ATM fees can add up quick, this is an effortless way to keep more money in your pocket!
  • Start a swap club day. How it works is you pick a theme, have a get together and exchange goods for free. For example you’d have a girls night and everybody bring jewelry, clothes, or household items they no longer want. Click here to learn how to host a party.
  • The next time you have a party do a potluck dinner. Everyone brings a dish of food saving the hostess time and money.
  • Instead of buying tickets for your favorite museum or zoo each time look into memberships. At my zoo it cost us the general admission price for my whole family plus $20 extra to have a free pass for the entire year and go as often as we like.
  • Use reward cards. Almost every store these days has a reward program. At national pharmacies if you don’t have a card you won’t get the sale price. This an effortless way to save money on items you’re already
  • Start a change jar with an incentive. Keep your change for the entire year for Christmas shopping or a family trip. We have saved $30-$40 a month with spare change.
  • Throw a freezer meal party with your friends. Everyone brings fresh ingredients to help cook a variety of dishes. Everyone gets to go home with a variety of freezer meals that’s super affordable. In our store here is a grocery binder it’s full of several strategies like this to save you thousands of dollars every year.
  • Switch to reusable sandwich bag and never have to buy disosables again! These ones are best sellers on amazon.

Even if you pick just a few of these ideas and put them into action, you will still save money. Give that savings an assignment! I will be totally excited with you if you save money but I’m asking you to pick a goal. You need something to work towards.

I wanted to get out of debt, just by using coupons alone helped me achieve that goal. If you pick a goal, you’re more likely to follow through to save money. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can start saving today! Do you have favorite tips for saving money? Please share in the comments!

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